Frank Zappa
Memorial Photopage #2

Unpublished photos from the Copenhagen concerts in the 70 īs

All photos copyright
Đ Poul-Erik Rath Holm
Freelance Pressphoto Bornholm

Donīt you want to look at Frank Zappa Memorial Photopage #1 first?
Do you want to see Frank Zappa Memorial Photopage #3 now?

And here we are.
Back in the very early 70īs indeed.
Look at Frank in his green velvet suit,
... and wearing a scarf, oh my !

Those were the days!

Now be warned, someone might think that some of the following is obscene? But bear in mind that I am only reporting what happened that night in Copenhagen in the very early 70īs

But now , let the show begin:

As you can see
on the picture to the left,
this show requires
some paraphernalia.

Yes, this guy is wearing a mask, too.
But it gets weirder!

Let me identify those two gadgets for you.
We have a rubber chicken and an enema bag !

The latter we are going to put to use in the next picture:

The fast moving objekt
in a white tutu,
is a doll ,

enoughīs said,

oh ho, look at their big, funny smiles.

At this point we had better interrupt the transmission to bring a commercial:
Take your pick among these fine companies:

Freelance Pressphoto Bornholm

So, refreshed? Want to see what happened more at this fabulous night in Copenhagen?

Frank Zappa Memorial Photopage #3
Frank Zappa Memorial Photopage #1

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